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 is an executable compressor for Linux

   See the features for more information.

Mar 1 2005
Version 1.5:
- fixed a compile problem with gcc-3.2.3
- removed an unused string
- the stub is 1113 bytes

Feb 24 2005
Version 1.4:
- fixed permission of the temp dir

Jan 10 2005
Version 1.3:
- instead of a temp file a temp dir is being used under "/tmp" containing a file with the same name as the calling program. Useful for the programs/scripts who want to know by what name they are called
- the random bytes needed for the directory's name are read from "/dev/urandom"
- the proc filesystem is no longer used which gives more flexibility and a bigger decompression speed.
- the compressed file's mode is hardcoded at compression time
- scripts can now be compressed
- the stub is 1128 bytes long

Aug 9 2004
Version 1.2:
- assembler stub (using gas) - 1019 bytes
- removed support for encryption and setuid/setgid binaries
- replaced LZO with UCL (better compression)
- simplified the build process by smartening up the makefiles ;-)
- using sstrip - makes the stub much smaller
- added -d option as an alias to -x
- uncompressible blocks are copied unchanged
- updated documentation

Copyright 2004 Ștefan Tălpălaru